East Coast Trail


  1. Name East Coast Trail (ECT)
  2. Lengte van pad 540 km, 336 mijl
  3. Lengte in dagen 27 dagen
  4. Start van pad Flatrock
  5. Einde van pad Cappahayden
  6. Traildino graad MW, Gemiddelde wandeling, trektocht
  7. Huttentrektocht graad T1, Wandeling

East Coast Trail

Flatrock – Cappahayden, 540 kilometres (340 miles), 27 days (when completed)

The East Coast Trail follows the coastline of the Avalon Peninsula of Newfoundland, along the Atlantic Ocean. This coastal walk links the many small coastal towns together. They are 32 in all, nestled in the bays of the Avalon Peninsula between St. John's and Cappahayden. Some 120 km of the East Coast Trail is an inland wilderness trail, between Topsail Beach and Placentia.

The quiet and unspoilt area is very scenic. Walking on the trail you are surrounded by nature and wildlife.

In some places the coastal cliffs are pretty steep. Occasionally it is necessary to scramble a bit. But otherwise the path is easy. Overnight stays are possible in the small towns (B&B), and on camping grounds constructed for the walkers.

Part of the trail is marked and indicated on the map. About half is still "under construction": the path is there, but not marked nor described.

Main attractions are the Spout, a natural geyser by wave action, the Barachois coastal formations, and a suspension bridge near the abandoned community of La Manche. The route also runs through Cape Spear, Canada's easternmost point.

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